The Nomad Cook: Introduction To Culinary Cannabis

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The Nomad Cook: Introduction to Culinary Cannabis

About the Book

Considered one of the pioneers of Culinary Cannabis, Chef Travis Petersen grew up in the Pacific Northwest, of Vancouver, Canada. In 2016, after a brief experience on Masterchef Canada, Travis launched The Nomad Cook and began traveling all over North America hosting Pop-Up dinners and cooking demos. Since 2018, Chef Travis has served over 10,000 people their first infused dining experience, working with major cannabis brands in both Canada and the US, while receiving international media attention from countries like Australia, Austria, England, Germany, New Zealand and Switzerland. Chef Travis’ style of cooking is influenced by the fresh seafood of Quadra Island and a wide variety of Asian cuisines served in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

About the Author

Introduction to Culinary Cannabis is a cooking manual focused on the safety and responsibility when cooking with cannabis. No longer is it acceptable to make extractions blind to the details of the cannabis (THC/CBD percentage, terpene profile, weight and temperature). It is essential that you, as a chef/home-cook are 100% confident in the dosing of any recipe you’re working with. Using the right equipment will give you control over the time, temperature and environment you make your extractions in, giving you a more accurate calculation. Whether you make your own extractions or purchase ready made products through your local retailer, this cookbook will walk you through best practices with safety by understanding the cannabis plant as a culinary ingredient and how it reacts with your endocannabinoid system. By focusing on the entourage effect and utilizing the botanical terpenes from plants, fruits and herbs, you can utilize the therapeutic effects of the strain of cannabis you’re working with. These recipes are a collection of special moments, culinary experiences and delicious bites that have inspired Chef Travis Petersen’s cooking journey as The Nomad Cook.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 164