The Nobodies

By Jehssikah Plummer (Ravenna)
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About the Book

The Nobodies exposes the nitty gritty truth that many young teens hide behind closed doors. Four different lives, four different terrible events. Enter a valley of twist and turns with shocks around every corner. Follow the emotional stories of four teens as they endure devastating struggles.

About the Author

Jehssikah Plummer goes by the pen name Ravenna, a darker persona that embodies her writing. She began writing at the age of four with the devoted support and education of her parents. She achieved her bachelor’s degree at the age of twenty-six, after which she published her first book, Chrysta Belle. This book was written in loving memory of her late husband, Adam Bothwell, the inspiration behind the story based off of events he witnessed or endured. Her inspirations are her father, her husband, her children, and her mother in Heaven.

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