The Nile Of Denial: A Philosophy Of Life

By Klaatu
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Life is complicated. Whether its struggling to understand our purpose in life, looking for a higher power, searching for a soul mate, or simply earning a living, we are constantly confronted by the opinions and wills of others, doubt in ourselves, and even feelings of guilt and blame. In The Nile of Denial: A Philosophy of Life, author Klaatu addresses these issues in an attempt to offer a path to inner peace. From childhood to the workplace, additions to diet, and from love and relationships to religion and faith, Klaatu explores the need for positive energy and change when surrounded by others who feed us negativity, thus affecting our being and working to keep us asleep to life. Emphasizing the way we treat others and the way we allow others to make us feel Klaatu offers practical tips to releasing ones baggage, living with honesty, and finding more satisfaction in life.

About the Author

Klaatu hails from Missouri and now resides with his wife in Utah. A published poet with a deep interest in nature, this, his first published work of nonfiction, is a result of what he calls a unique form of divine intervention.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 40