The Night Before Christmas?: A Poem And A Parody

By Hannah T. Miles
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The Night Before Christmas? A Poem and a Parody

About the Book

Traveling around the world in a single night delivering gifts is a tall order. What happens when things don’t go smoothly for Santa? Is he always jolly? In this fun twist on the classic tale, one tired but comfortable parent, all snug in bed, is about to find out!

About the Author

Hannah T. Miles lives in the rural mid-west in daily contact with many animals of both the wild and domestic kind. By far her greatest companions are her cats.

Miles loves to write about and photograph nature, garden and farm organically, cook, read and collect books, and live life at home with her family. Every year, she begins her Christmas planning and countdown about mid-July because she never can wait.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 34