The New Science Of Antimass

By Eric Peterson
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When thinking about the future, one of the most pressing themes is the need for new and better sources of energy. Our present reliance on fossil fuels is obviously of limited duration, and we are projected to exhaust our supply within a century or so. In this ingenious book, Eric Peterson postulates a new non-polluting source of energy that stems directly from his novel interpretation of the relationships between time and space and between energy and matter. If the theories postulated in The New Science of Antimass are correct, we may yet see the world of the future running on the clean, limitless energy Eric Petersons concept would provide.

About the Author

After obtaining his bachelor of science degree at the University of Minnesota, Eric Peterson has continued his speculations as to the nature of the physical universe and the dynamics of energy production. A Minnesotan born and bred, he lives in Brooklyn Center, where he is employed as an inventory specialist. He is heavily into game theory and philosophy. (2003, paperback 32 pages)

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