The Name Above All Names: Yesuatekani

By David Albert James Brand
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In this insightful read, David Albert James Brand explores the Messiah’s true name and identity, that being the female Messiah Yesuatekani. Brand identifies the period of time in which She will return to earth along with analyzing the falsehoods within the Roman Catholic Church. Using examples from Scripture, the truth behind the identity of the true Messiah is revealed. A valuable read to anyone questioning their faith, The Name Above All Names will help you embrace the Father and the Messiah as the focal point of your spirituality.

About the Author

David Albert James Brand was born in London, England, and later emigrated to South Africa with his family. After fourteen years, the family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1984 Brand graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. He went on to work for the Bank of New York/Mellon. After a tumultuous path before him, Brand found himself in jail and was given a Bible thus beginning a journey of revelation.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 76