The Mystery Of God's Message Understood Through Bible Verses: It’s A Guide To Understanding The Last Seven Years; It’S Like Leaven, Which A Woman Took And Hid In Three Measures Of Meal Till The Whole Was Leaven

By Peter J Waldner
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To predict our future, we must first look back at what Bible scholars wrote and warned nearly two thousand years ago. Focusing on the Book of Daniel and Revelations, The Mystery of God’s Messages draws a link between ancient teachings and modern-day occurrences. Clearly written and well researched, this book will make you think about the possibilities of Jesus’s second coming and the end-times that lay before us.

About the Author

Peter J Waldner was born in Yankton, South Dakota. It is in his heart and soul to understand the last 7 years and to bring the message out in a book that is easy to follow. Waldner currently resides in Placentia, California.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 94