The Mysterious Snack Snatcher

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Sharmetra Aubrey Lewis

A young boy named Zack loves to sneak snacks from the kitchen when no one is looking. But what happens when this sneaky bad habit spills over into his 2nd-grade classroom? Will Zack continue to get away with remaining mysterious, or will his sneaky ways soon catch up with him?

Students today are faced daily with peer pressure. Oftentimes students are not as bad as they seem, but the pressures to appear a certain way tend to alter who they truly are. We must always remember to stand firm in who we are, regardless of other influences around us.

About the Author

Sharmetra Aubrey Lewis was born and raised in a small town of Homer, LA, before moving and making her mark in Lancaster, TX. She is a proud mother, wife, teacher, mentor, and inspirational speaker.

Growing up as a child, Sharmetra never imagined she would become an author, let alone have a profound passion for reading and writing. She enjoys writing poetry and reading all genres of books, as well as mentoring young teens, and is the proud author of The Thrilling Chronicles of Mayfield and Deliverance in the Midst of Pain. She was a teacher long before becoming a certified teacher and knew that in order to see change in the world, she must first become a product of change. With this optimistic mindset, she’s led youth book clubs and youth writing workshops within her church organization and school district.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 104