The Mullet Masters

By James Malcolm Holding III
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The Mullet Masters is the story of two young boys, Charlie Harrison and Jim Dixon, whose opposing characteristics and personalities complement one another in both friendship and business. Although they are too young to secure regular summer employment, both feel the need to earn real money during their summer break not only for themselves but also to help out their families. Together they develop a plan to provide local bait and tackle shops with fresh mullet, benefiting both their own finances as well as those of the shop owners. Their plan succeeds beyond their wildest dreams, and soon Charlie and Jim are recruiting their friends to work for them. The results of their creative determination include the discovery that work can be both fun and profitable, and the two also take great pleasure in sharing their newfound success with their family and friends. The Mullet Masters offers an engaging and appealing tale of youthful enthusiasm while offering a model of a positive and healthy work ethic.

About the Author

James Malcolm Holding III is a native of Florida and currently lives with his wife, Pamela Dianne Holding, in Georgia, where he owns his own business, Top-Gun Floor and Carpet Cleaning. In addition to writing, Mr. Holding enjoys big game fishing and hunting and fresh water fishing. The Mullet Masters is the authors first published work, and the story is based on his own youthful entrepreneurial experiences, which coincide with those of the character Charlie Harrison.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 34