The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

By Paul Moir
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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World is an intoxicating blend of high fashion, industrial sabotage, alluring romance and hard-hitting action. Traveling at warp-speed from the suites of New York City to the jungles of Cambodia to the pyramids of Egypt, this thrilling story of two women, identical twinsone, the worlds most beloved supermodel; the other, driven by her resentment and dark ambition into a devastating crimedrives to a stunning conclusion that is at once a judgment and a revelation. The action never stops when you are, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

About the Author:

Paul Moir is a combat veteran, a journeyman carpenter, and a natural-born writer. He has traveled the world both as a soldier and as a truth-seeker, and he has packed an exciting lifetime of knowledge and experience into his first novel, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

Published: 2015
Page Count: 214