The Moral Kids Series: It Pays To Be Generous

By Rev. Ralph E. Flaskamp
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It Pays to Be Generous is a story that is part of a series of stories on teaching children good morals

without them realizing that they are being taught. The teaching comes from a fictitious family

of kids know as the “Moral Kids.” The Moral Kids live in the town of Moralville,

named after their great-great-grandfather, who settled Moralville, and the children attend

Moralville Elementary School. The children live on a 100-acre parcel of land with their mother

and father just outside of town. The setting is the rolling hills of today’s New England.

 The names of the Moral Kids are: Jace, Annaliese, Kenny, Piper Kate (Cousin),

and Abby (Cousin). Each story stars one or all of the children at a time.

 The intent of the book is to teach children through the life experiences of the Moral Kids.

Each story addresses one moral for living a good life. It seems that in these present times

that good morals are no longer taught in schools or in the family units. The inspiration for

my writing comes from observing the lives and conduct of my great-grandchildren.

I hope to help children of all ethnic groups to become honorable and courteous adults

by learning and applying good morals in their lives.

About the Author

Rev. Ralph E. Flaskamp is now seventy-two years old. In those seventy-two years of life he

has learned many things that he enjoys sharing with others. Flaskamp comes from a family

 of six, which included three brothers. He was born and grew up in Cumberland, Maryland

in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. His fondness for hunting, fishing, and the love

 for the outdoors finds its roots in that beautiful location. He had the privilege of marrying

his high school sweetheart in 1969 and has (by the Grace of God) remained married to his

wonderful wife, Frances, for the past fifty years. He retired from the United States Army

in 1997 after completing twenty-six years of service and immediately focused his attention

and energy on becoming a minister. He retired from the pastorate in 2018 after eighteen years

of pastoral service. Though retired, he still serves in the ministry. He has stayed busy through

his hobbies as a metalsmith, painter, and writer. He also enjoys metal detecting. He has been

 blessed with a large family and enjoys spending time with them. His close involvement with

people has allowed him to take notice of the sharp decline in the morality of the churched

and the unchurched not only in this country but throughout the world.

 He believes we must reach the children.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30