The Moon Vs. The Sun

By Saida Abdel Bagi
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The Moon vs. the Sun

The Moon vs. the Sun is a fantasy novel that is sure to engage readers with its drama, romance, suspense, and characters. Maximilian, a clever and powerful vampire, is on a journey to find a cure for his wife, Abigail, who is also a vampire. He realizes he needs the help of a witch, so he creates an elaborate plan. However, he sets off a massive chain of events, which unearths ancient secrets, infidelity, double-crossers, and an expansive adventure involving magic, mythology, and love.

About the Author

Saida Abdel Bagi is a young Sudanese author who enjoys writing, painting, and fashion. She is currently working on opening an art gallery. She also aspires to become a designer in the fashion world. She is on a path of rediscovery and hopes to improve as a person and a woman.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 176