The Moon Is Following Us

By Patrick Foley and Ruth Hargiss
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About the Book

On her way to Grandma’s house one Halloween night, Sam discovers that the Moon is following her whenever she looks to the night sky. How long will it stay with her?

About the Authors

Patrick Foley is a native Seattleite who writes children’s stories and cartoons. This is his second published children’s book, the first of which being Tillie and P-Trap the Plumber. For 13 years, he enjoyed community involvement as a Seattle Seafair Clown. His costume was P-Trap the Plumber, and his personal love was to make kids laugh and smile. A father of three and grandfather to five, Foley currently lives in Everett, Washington.

Ruth Hargiss has a BA in Home Economics from the University of Washington. Most of her career was working in elementary and middle schools, where she loved the interaction with the students and their families. This is her first published book, but she has been creating children’s stories for many years.

Hargiss has two daughters and three grandchildren who call her Mimi. She resides in Costa Mesa, California.

About the Illustrator

Julia Chamness has been interested in art ever since she got her first box of crayons. She illustrated her first children's book, Tillie and P-Trap the Plumber, with Patrick Foley. She has been painting houses for the last 35 years and paints beautiful dog portraits, often for the home owners that she just painted for. While living in Kentucky, she made art from tortoise shells found in the woods around her house and from gourds she grew.

Chamness is the mother of three and grandmother to two. She currently lives in Monroe, Washington.

Julia and Ruth are sisters.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 36