The Monster Spell

By Dayana Vazquez
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The Monster Spell is about a loving family tricked by an evil witch. This witch gives a spell to members of this family and to any individual who walks through the woods where she resides. To combat this villain, strangers must band together to help solve the spell and get the family back together. This book of mystery, love, and friendship is a must read for any lover of fantasy or family.

About the Author

Dayana Vazquez is originally from a small town in Cuba. She grew up surrounded by friends, family, and joy. She had a wonderful childhood and is trying to give her two children the best one they can have. Vazquez believes that childhood is the most important part of each human life; it Is where you learn about love and friendship. Children just want to play nonstop, without thinking there is a tomorrow; and we as adults, with our busy lives, forget to do the same. Vazquez has written a handful of children's stories for both of her children, and will continue to do so. She dedicates this book to them. Bella and Rome - remember how loved you are by Mom and Dada. Don’t grow up too fast.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 28