The Mommy Mole

By John Medler
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This is a heart-warming story about international adoption. Molly Mole was feeling a great void in her life without a child to love. On the other side of the world, baby Natasha searched for a new mommy. Maybe, if Natasha can overcome all: her small size, foreign lands, and scary predators, she can find her new mommy mole. The Mommy Mole helps adopted children understand that they are not only a great treasure to their new parents, but that their birth parents love them, too. A simple yet powerful story, written in clever verse, The Mommy Mole affirms in us the belief that love will conquer all. ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Medler, Jr. is a trial lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives with his wife, Tammy, and six children, two of whom were adopted from foreign countries. He is very active in his community volunteering with youth groups. Medlers other writings include a legal fiction novel entitled Breach of Duty and a regular legal humor column for the St. Louis Bar Journal. In addition to writing, he enjoys spending time with his family and beating his son at Scrabble.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 54