The Mis-Adventures Of Temp And Junebug

By James Ricks Jr.
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Temp and Junebug were quite a pair. Temp was Junebug’s nephew, though they were nearly the same age. (Temp’s mamma was Junebug’s much older sister, you see.) Together, they got into all sorts of trouble in rural Arizona back in the day. There was the time they fell while running along the tops of the cow pens at Old Man Tiddel’s dairy farm and went home covered in mud and manure. Or the time they came home only to find a wild goose had gotten into the house. Or the time they played with matches when they really should have just left well enough alone.

The Mis-Adventures of Temp and Junebug will remind you of simpler times when it was safe for children to wander around a neighborhood looking for something fun to do. You won’t be able to stop laughing as you read this collection of colorful anecdotes about a young boy and his nephew.

About the Author

When James Ricks Jr. tells people about his upbringing, they think it’s incredible. His dad left his mom when he was five or six or seven. He’s not sure because he was around until James was seven. He was sent to live with another family when he was eight. They lived about three miles outside of his old neighborhood.

Published: 2018
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