The Mirror Of Short Stories

By Joan Manzano
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The Mirror of Short Stories draws on both the simple and profound aspects of everyday life. In these brief glimpses into lives, Ms. Manzano draws intriguing portraits of the joys and struggles of humanity. Sheena emphasizes the beauty of nature and the strength of friendship. Nature is also a central feature in The Valley, where the appreciation of beauty is seen conquering the hardships of life. The Marchers Dream celebrates mans desire for freedom and the fight against oppression, while Nightmare relates the suffering found in the aftermath of a revolt and coup. As a collective work, these disparate ideas work together to make The Mirror of Short Stories as thoughtful and memorable expedition into the lives of Ms. Manzanos characters. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan Manzano was born in the beautiful Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, land of the steel band, calypso, and carnival, the greatest show on Earth. The celebration of Hosay with the Tassa drumming adds delight to the beautiful island. She now resides in the United States. In addition to short stories, Ms. Manzano also writes verse and has had her poem, Raping of the Environment, published by the International Library of Poetry. She is now in the process of having a second poetic work, No Peace Until, published.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 46