The Miracle Man

By James Sprandel
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“I personally have known James since we were in the ninth grade at Rutherford High School in 1989. At that time James had already had his disability from the Aneurysm, but he was still just like any normal acting boy at that time. Years have gone by with little contact between James and I, then we became Facebook Friends and started our friendship all over again! James moved to Panama City from Mobile Alabama a couple years ago and we have been able to keep in touch and hang out much more often. James is a godly man and follows the word of Jesus Christ, that is one thing I really appreciate about being his friend. Through the years James has become a kind, caring and very giving person and for that I really value his friendship as well.”

 - Don Cooley

The Miracle Man is a collection of stories about the many miracles God has worked in author James Sprandel’s life. His story will touch readers’ hearts and remind us in times of need: Through good times and bad, He’s always there for you.

About the Author

James Sprandel is a man dedicated to his faith. He is a greeter at his church, the first person you see when you enter, and the last person you see when you leave.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 38