The Millennium Dawn

By James Fross
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About the Book

Throughout the vast reaches of Shirania there are many places that uplift the spirit of mankind, but the Ozzrin mountains are not among their number. They straddle the southeastern edge of the landmass, forming an element of the various geographical boundaries separating the holdings of the Cyroxiandalusianopherosites from the rest of the peoples who call Shirania home. The worn, gray mountains are far older than any other range in the land, unchanging monoliths that have seen more than one rising and falling of our race. Though the foggy, mossy highlands are quite beautiful in a melancholy sort of way, there is a sadness about them that cannot be solely attibuted to the climate. It's a resonant quality of the crumbling peaks, an unspoken tale of a memory that belongs to us, but escapes our capacity to recall it. For centuries, millennial, the mountains have slept, but on the final day of the year 999 A.F.C., the ancient landscape stirred, and what was once asleep began to awaken...

The Millennium Dawn, by James Fross, conveys a parodic take on epic fantasy in an attempt to produce both amusement and reflection in the heart and mind of the reader.

About the Author

James Fross enjoys reading, writing, long-distance running, and camping. He was raised in a family of six and has lived in the United States, England, and Canada. Mr. Fross is a Roman Catholic, Eagle Scout, and amateur chess player. A current student of the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Fross will pursue a degree in petroleum engineering, although he hopes to continue writing for the rest of his life.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 614