The Michelangelo Project: The Creation Of Mac Adams

By   Lee Pinkham
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Colonel Mac Adams has been tapped to join The Michelangelo Project, a secret organization that investigates and researches alien encounters. Adams, who unknowingly has been training and groomed for this assignment all his life, is told that the time is now that he becomes involved. Agent Natalie Carson and General Barbara Steel recruit Adams, and the colonel soon discovers that the Gray aliens are in fact real and have been abducting humans and removing Earth resources for unknown reasons. His mission: to be abducted by the Grays, infiltrate, and return with intel on how to stop them. 

From the first chapter to the last, The Michelangelo Project will take you on a twisting and turning journey from modern day to a future possibility and back again, incorporating Gray aliens and opposition forces. Our world history, life in the present, and possibilities of the future are revealed in a way in which you may have not thought of before, all designed to take you on the type of science fiction action adventure ride that, when over, you say, "Maybe it could be true."

About the Author

Lee Pinkham is a devoted husband to his wife of thirty-six years and father to his son. They reside in Pasadena, California. He enjoys fiction works, books, and movies, getting lost in another world or place in time with superheroes, aliens, and monsters. From a young age, storytelling and writing were a passion of his but had always remained a hobby due to other commitments in life. However, he never lost sight of his goal of writing his first novel and having it published. He has written many stories lost over time and forgotten; The Michelangelo Project was one of these. Then one day while going through an old abandoned laptop, he stumbled upon the original file of the lost story. Excited, he downloaded the file on to a new flash drive and began to write the story once again. He wrote nightly after work until the book was completed. The Michelangelo Project, the Creation of Mac Adams is his first published novel, and he has already started on the follow-up.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 234