The Messenger: Letters To A President

By Richard Griffin
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The Messenger: Letters to a President

In The Messenger: Letters to a President, Richard Griffin delivers a heartfelt plea to the people of the world to seek and discover the Lord God in their lives, so that they might be encouraged to seek salvation.

Griffin shares his spiritual conviction in letters written to President George W. Bush over a period of years, in which he details world events that he attributes to spiritual patterning. These phenomena occur when one has a profound faith and love in the Lord God, causing events to happen in other parts of the world. To quote the author, Its like saying your faith is spoken throughout the world.

The Messenger was written to provide hope for others once they see how the Lord God has affected Richard Griffins life. Where there is life, there is hope.

About the Author

Mr. Griffin is a native of Baltimore, MD, currently residing in Cleveland, TX, with his wife. He is the father of one daughter.

A truck driver by profession, he enjoys communing with the Lord, fishing, and writing.

Published: 2011
Page Count: 180