The Mathematics Tuner For Certification Of Elementary Educators

By Joseph Caruso
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The Mathematics Tuner for Certification of Elementary Educators provides a wide assortment of creative problems for college students, licensing candidates, and any teacher looking for new material. The problems within this book are focused on strengthening the problem solving skills of individuals seeking to be licensed at the K-6 level for the four major content areas:

1) Algebra

2) Number Theory

3) Geometry/Measurement

4) Probability/Statistics

About the Author

Joseph Caruso taught mathematics in Somerville, Massachusetts and served as the Mathematics Department Chair for twenty-eight years. Caruso has been involved with various professional organizations, among these being: Eastern Mass Association of Mathematics Department Heads (EMADH), Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts (ATMIM), Association of Teachers in New England (ATMNE), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM). For decades, Caruso was on the executive board of ATMIM. Additionally, he was president of the Massachusetts Mathematics League (MML) and a member of the executive board of the American Region Mathematics League (ARML).

Caruso and his wife Joanne have been married for fifty-two years and have three sons together: Joe, Jim, and John.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 124