The Maid

By Robert Lewis Barros, M.D.
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The Del Ray Family of Spain are wealthy, royal, and relish in their exquisite home, fancy cars, and lavish lifestyle. However, their life of privilege comes at a cost. Son Antonio falls in love with the beautiful Margarita, a servant living on his family’s vast estate. Their relationship blossoms from a childhood friendship to star-crossed lovers as they become older, and life becomes more complicated. Antonio, forced to marry his cousin to maintain the family bloodline, slowly gravitates away from Margarita, breaking her heart in two.

Filled with insight into Spanish culture, from birth to death, dueling and marriage, The Maid is a heartbreaking, emotional tale with a powerful lesson: anyone can rise up from the bottom, and those at the top can come crumbling down.

About the Author

Robert Lewis Barros, M.D., was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and was brought to the US as a child while his parents were looking for the American dream after being influenced by missionaries from the Seven Day Adventist Church. As his family was poor, he helped out by delivering papers. Through his education in hard work and perseverance taught by his parents, Dr. Barros succeeded in becoming an ER physician which has provided valuable lessons in human behavior and the human spirit. Now retired in Santa Cruz, Dr. Barros has become inspired by the beauty of the nature surrounding him to write. His imagination carries him to placed he has never seen filled with love, romance, and, at time, adversity.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 80