The Magic Orange

By E. Earl Graham
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About the Book

There is a certain kind of magic a child can know: the magic of special friendships with mystical characters; the magic of a forest of make-believe, where talking animals are ready to lend a hand; and the evil magic of creatures who are up to no good. This is the world into which a little girl named Jennifer enters when one night she hears the thoughts of a lonely, magical orange crying out in the forest for someone to be its friend. The next morning, she goes into the magic wood to find her new friend. Among the delightful creatures she meets are a magic mushroom who gives her a special walking stick to protect her; a walking, talking tree stump who helps her locate the magic orange; and the White Crystal Fairy, a guardian against the forces of evil. Even after Jennifer finds her new orange friend, she must face the power of the Evil Roach, who will stop at nothing to destroy the powers of goodness. Jennifer and her friends must use all of their power if there is any hope of defeating their evil foe before he destroys all that is good in the magic wood. Join her on her journey.

About the Author

A chemical engineer with a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, E. Earl Graham wrote The Magic Orange especially for this daughter, Jennifer Elise. In addition to writing, this published poet enjoys music, reading, computers, and tennis. A native of Corning, New York, who has called Lyndhurst, Ohio, home for the past fifteen years, Mr. Graham also has a son, Jeremy Robert.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 66