The Magic Forest

By Carlos Ballesteros Arias
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The Magic Forest is a fanciful tale of the young Princess Alinas search for the cure for a terrible spell that has been cast upon her kingdom by the evil Minister Rebun. As Alina sets out to save her parents, friends, and home, she discovers that she can communicate with animals. This gift convinces the creatures of the forest to help her, and Manto the Wise tells her what she must do to break the spell. She is accompanied by Canto, a bear; Nanfro, a puma; and Vinto, a large buck who goes ahead of them to tell the other animals of her quest. Along the way they encounter Talo, the leader of a band of wolves who live deep in the forest, driven there by the hunting and pollution of humans. The alligator Dimo, the master of the swamps, guides them through his territory, and as they approach the cave that is Princess Alinas destination, the challenges become increasingly difficult. The majestic eagle Copol, who takes the princess to the home of the two sisters who possess the flower of good, is unable to enter with her. In the end, Princess Alina must rely on her own courage and wits to save her land. Against great odds, Princess Alina does finally obtain the flower, and upon returning to her fathers castle, she confronts Minister Rebun and breaks his spell, reclaiming all that is good in The Magic Forest.

About the Author

Carlos Ballesteros Arias, a native of Colombia, now resides in New York State. The Magic Forest is his first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 50