The Mad Ramblings Of A Monkey: The Nefarious Project

By Stuart Smith
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The Mad Ramblings of a Monkey: The Nefarious Project

If you had the opportunity to speak to the world in order to help others understand you and learn about themselves, what would you say? Through the prose and poetry of The Mad Ramblings of a Monkey: The Nefarious Project, Stuart Smith tells of the joys in his life: the support of his mother, the unconditional acceptance of a newborn child, and the ability to question and seek answers to lifes biggest questions. He also recounts the pain and suffering resulting from childhood abuse, the death of his grandfather, a failed marriage, and an attempt at suicide. Through it all, he stresses the importance of our perceptions of our experiences, and he implores us to express our minds, thoughts, and feelings to those important to us.

At times passionate and contemplative, the writings of The Mad Ramblings of a Monkey: The Nefarious Project, borne from Stuart Smiths experiences with pain and reconciliation, challenge the reader to think about whats important in life and how to show that worth to others.

About the Author

A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Stuart Smith now lives in Augusta, West Virginia, with his wife. In addition to writing, he enjoys comic books, hiking, and traveling.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 80