The Love We Never Made: Feelings Don't Play By Rules

By Lawrence Bernard Canady
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The Love We Never Made: Feelings Don’t Play by Rules is a collections of poems—unrequited love, heartbreaking relationships, breakups, good times, bad times, and lives of couples who no longer have romantic feelings for each other. The saga of relationships makes the stories interesting, compelling, and sometimes like watching a train wreck. The message is that we love, we live, shit happens, then we start over—relationships are hard! This is a unique book inasmuch as it’s several different stories about the same thing, only each thing is different because the experience is different. Every couple goes through similar (the same thing) evolutions in their relationships, but because each couple is different, the perspectives are different. Feelings don't play by rules, life isn't learned in school, live your live to the fullest because it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all...

About the Author

Lawrence Bernard Canady is a retired military veteran who enjoys gardening/flowering, mentoring young people, coaching special needs sports, and teaching economics—the value of a paycheck, the worth of hard work, and the real cost of a "thing"—to anyone willing to listen and share. His hobbies include communicating (writing, reading, talking, listening, and thinking). His mother (Annie Lee Canady) was mother and grandmother to over seven generations before her homecoming in July 2011. That family has grown larger since then; however, Lawrence has the smallest piece of that pie—he has a wife, two daughters, and two granddaughters, and his wife has a son.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 78