The Lord Is My Herdsman

By Wanda Austin
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In The Lord Is My Herdsman, Wanda Faye Austin tells the very personal story of her faith. After a difficult childhood and a rebellious young adulthood, she found herself in the least predictable place she could imagine: living on a farm and raising cattle with her husband, Randle. Its a challenging life, but the more she learns about her cows and being their caretaker, the more she reflects on herself and the journey she has taken toward a fulfilling relationship with God.

In turns funny and thought-provoking, but always honest and heartfelt, The Lord Is My Herdsman offers the wisdom one woman has collected during her hard-fought battle to be closer to God. Austin relates her lessons of faith to lessons she learned on the farm. Her experience raising cattle has given her a deeper understanding of how God leads us to Himself, and she shares those lessons learned with a genuine interest in helping you grow in your own faith.

About the Author

Wanda Austin lives in Florence, Alabama, with her husband and their three children. She is a member of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church. Wanda enjoys exercising, reading, gardening, and studying scripture.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 74