The Lonely Goliath

By OD Siers
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For years, Jeff Porter has been the victim of his abusive mother. Until one terrible night when Jeff is able to escape. On his own, Jeff tries to create a new life free from his rage and pain. He makes friends who help him overcome his past and build a new life.

But is the past ever really gone? Violence continues to surround Jeff. One night, he rescues a young woman from a vicious gang attack. Suddenly the focus of a police investigation and targeted by a private detective searching for a serial killer, Jeff will need all his skill to stay alive.

About the Author

OD Siers was a teacher for 48 years. Teaching and coaching was his life and he worked with many student-athletes. As a teacher, he saw many parents, particularly mothers, who abused their children. Siers tried to help as many as he could, but discovered the love a boy has for his mother will supersede any trauma and abuse. He wrote this book to encourage others.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 376