The Little Unique Town That Disappeared

By Rev. Dr. Lester Craig
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Revilletown, Louisiana, was founded in 1870s by freed slaves. Less than a hundred years later, citizens sued the Georgia Gulf Corporation for their release of dangerous chemicals. All 106 residents were relocated and the buildings were torn down.

Rev. Dr. Lester Craig was born and raised in Revilletown. Though poor in material goods the town was rich in spirit more an extended family than a town. Discipline and love filled the homes and everyone made sure everyone else had enough to eat. Craigs parents were hardworking and God-fearing, raising their seven children in a close-knit family. He captures the details of large family life: busy mealtimes, hand-me-downs, and practical jokes. While his family might not have always had the best, they were always able to make the best of what they did have.

Craig left Revilletown to attend college and serve in Vietnam. Despite his travels, and the physical loss of his hometown, the spirit and faith of Revilletown have stayed with him.

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Lester Craig was born into a large and loving family. He was decorated for his service in Vietnam. For more than 40 years he has worked for Georgia Pacific Corporation. Craig and his first wife, Alice Dempsey Craig, had two sons.

Craig is now married to Joyce Jones Craig. He enjoys an active social life and sports. Craig has organized multiple softball and basketball leagues. He loves his family and serving God.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 110

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Gwen Jones
The Unique Little Town That Disappeared

This book has such a heartwarming feeling of nostalgia. The stories in the book are so relatable and many excerpts brought a broad smile to my face and even a hearty laugh.