The Little Book About Teachers

By Jeanne Kennedy Bradford
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The Little Book about Teachers

Parents are the first teachers unless circumstances stand in the way. Then the first teachers could be grandparents, those who adopt children, other family members, or friends. In some cases, mostly outside the United States, many children are without any of the possibilities that American children have. One reason for this is Americans have a love for children that is, without a doubt, the greatest in the world.

Children are teachers when they let their guardians know what they are thinking and feeling. We adults then know better how to guide them as their learning environment broadens!

Therefore, when the two primary guardians for children, parents and schoolteachers, amalgamate with the values and guidance that are meaningful to them, students progress and become a benefit to themselves and society. The children who are also guided by community religious leaders are three times blessed.

About the Author

Jeanne Kennedy Bradfords travels to Europe, Asia, and South America have enhanced her life, as did her family, students, and friends. Now her life is a mixture of pleasant reflections, patriotism, and hope that our Constitution will be honored, expanded, and followed by those who love this country.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 84