The Lighthouse

By Harold Wayne Anderson
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The Lighthouse is a tale of the power of love, life and how to live it through people who are blessed in your life. Like a lighthouse, the love is the light that will brighten the path of life that will direct you to safety. The power that’s within us helps guide us to safety such as a lighthouse that helps guide ships to safety when lost at sea. The uniqueness about the book is reading a great story about love power, struggle, and greatness, what keeps this book alive. Readers can take the knowledge from this story and see that life is only what you make it. Love you family and be good to others, and life will reward you with the good that you bring forward.

About the Author

Harold Wayne Anderson’s life is his strength and struggle that he had to live though so he could get to this point in his life. The things he couldn’t see before as a young man, now he sees and those footprints in the sand are his. Harold enjoys working out, writing books, singing, cooking, riding his bike, and just being with family. He loves his family, who sticks by him through it all, good/bad, it doesn’t matter; they are still there, so he wants to thank them all.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 244