The Life, Struggles, And Miracles Behind A Woman-Owned Diner

By Diana N. Laing
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The Life, Struggles, and Miracles Behind a Woman-Owned Diner is the inspiring memoir written by Diana N. Laing. This memoir explores the challenges she faced throughout her life, including moving to a new country, struggling with poverty, and surviving a voice while owning a business and caring for her son. This story will show others that even with what seems like insurmountable odds, hard work and prayer can pay off. Through her faith in God and His plan for her, Laing beats the odds and lives to tell her story to all who will listen.

About the Author

Diana N. Laing was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973. She currently resides in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. Diana tends to keep to herself for the most part, but she does enjoy volunteering in different ways. She donated home cooked meals to hospitals to first-line workers during the pandemic and has also prepared meals for the homeless over the years. Diana’s hobbies include traveling, teaching, and telling the stories she creates. She has a special interest in studying the Bible and praying. She is one of seven children and is the single mother of one child. She has a large family, is a certified phlebotomist, CNA, a patient care tech, and a licensed cook.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 94