The Life And Times Of Larry Williams

By Lawrence Drake Williams Jr., Co-Authored by Mrs. Pam Williams Johnson
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The Life and Times of Larry Williams is a memoir compiled from tapes, written stories, letters, and personal photographs, dutifully collected by Lawrence’s daughter, Pam, as a legacy with which to remember her beloved father. 

Born 1918, Lawrence saw great changes throughout his life within the United States: from the Great Depression, to World War II, and into the Cold War. Throughout his time in the military, Lawrence was able to travel across the world. He participated in a Top Secret mission while stationed in Iran during WWII, during which he headed up a group of men to rescue American flyers who had bombed Japan, crash landed, were interned in Russia, and then put on a train for “somewhere near the Caspian Sea”, where the drop would take place.

Lawrence also recounts his amazing adventures in the Holy Land, touring many biblical and historical locations, providing the reader and his family with an extremely personal insight into these awe-inspiring sights.

About the Author

Mrs. Pam Williams Johnson was born to Diana and Lawrence Williams. She is a deaf and special education teacher, and in her free time is passionately involved in many genealogical societies, such as the Colonial Dames 17th Century, Society of Mayflower Descendants, Dames of Magna Charta, and the Plantagenet Society.

Pam is married with two sons and four stepchildren. She currently resides in College Station, Texas.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 234