The Life And Times Of Donny Doorknob

By Larry Butzine; illus. Morgan Mikay Wallace
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How do we say goodbye? How do we accept when people we care about leave?

The Life and Times of Donny Doorknob is a short story narrating a personal encounter of a doorknob on life, the world, and letting go.

Donny, the main character, goes through a journey starting from the moment he experiences the process of transformation of materials into something more specific, more distinct. Along the way, Donny meets new friends and learns about mans surroundings. He resides in a home where he invests knowledge on life and a special connection with those people living in the same house as he.

Donny comes to understand that while he is stuck in a house together with his friends, Lock and Door, mans way of living differs from theirs. People come and go, and people move out any time they want, but for Donny, memories will remain and will never be forgotten.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 30