The Life And Times Of Ayiana

By Robert Curtis Wright Esquire the 3rd
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The Life and Times of Ayiana is a vivid, expansive tale of a young Native American girl growing up in the Old West.

The reader lives and breathes Ayiana’s joys and heartaches as she and her familly —both those by blood and those made—struggle together to build a future for themselves, to find where they can belong and live safe and happy lives. The reader will not soon forget these powerful, glorious characters.

About the Author

All Robert Wright has ever done with his life is work. When he was tired, he worked harder, so his life has been busy. But when he was young, his grandmother Annie told him the stories he writes. Grandma Annie came West in the 1800s, and she was a special person to everyone who knew her. She was a Healer and once took in two Nez Perce women who taught her of the spirit and their lives. Grandma Annie is Wright’s co-author. She lives in his soul now.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 310