The Lie That I Am

By Mary Beth Smith
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What if ... what we were told as children about ourselves was a lie? What if ... we then looked around for proof to support these lies? What if … we took those lies on as our belief of who we are still today?

No matter what lies you may have believed because of the family dynamics you were born into, all those lies that have so deeply impacted your life can be unraveled until you can move beyond them to live instead from a place of peace.

The Lie That I Am takes you on the journey of Mary Beth Smith’s life. A life filled with doubt, pain, depression, suicide, sexual abuse, obesity, illness, and almost dying. As she learned to connect to Spirit more and more, Spirit connected with her. Together they transcended the lies she believed into the truths of who she has become. It’s time to stop believing our lies, and start living our truths.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 302