The Legend Of The Cap

By Burt Firtel
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The Legend of the Cap contains a genesis of events that began more than 160 years ago. It connects

professional golfers, amateur golfers, a golf course designer, and the first lady developer of golf courses.

The magic of The Legend of the Cap tells the tale of a handful of Scottish golfers and a dozen golf

courses, as it grows to millions of golfers at thousands of courses worldwide. The confluence of real

people and events are pieces of a puzzle that couldn't have occurred naturally. The story is that a

magical cap caused it to happen.

About the Author

At eighty-two years old, this is Burt Firtel’s first tale. His memory of telephone numbers and street addresses goes back to childhood. His memory of certain dates led to this story. One-hundred years separates this fantasy’s connection of events. What makes this story special to him is about his five grandkids, Noah, Zach, JD, Lily and Max. Burt hopes that long after he’s gone, his grandkids will reminisce, "Can you believe Gramps wrote a book?"

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 164