The Laugh: Interactive Book #1A

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Are you depressed? Have you had a bad day? Maybe youve had two or three in a row. If so, GL provides a potential replacement for your antidepressants with The Laugh: Interactive Book #1A. At times a bit saucy, irreverent, and even a little crude, GLs fictitious stories not only spark a giggle and a smile, but they also provide thought-provoking satire on science, law, politics, and advertisements. But before things get too serious, GL fills his writing with misspelled words and incorrect grammar in the hopes of engaging the reader. He also provides quizzes at the end of each story to prompt your active participation in the ideas of each scenario. Not only will there mistakes and questions help keep you distracted from the problems of everyday life, but your interaction will also help close the gap between the ideals we hold for science, government, and religion, and the reality of these institutions in our modern world.

About the Author

GL is a self-employed consulting electrical engineer. He studied electrical engineering at the Polytechnic Institute TOMSK in his native home of Russia. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife Etta; they have two children, Janna and Lana. In addition to writing, GL also enjoys swimming and roller-skating. The Laugh is his first published book, and he is currently working on subsequent volumes.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 54