The Latin Penny President

By Z’AN Artiest
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In The Latin Penny President, author Z’AN Artiest shows us a better type of leadership or a more civic-minded approach, with participation in making life decisions socially, culturally, economically, and politically.

We should all be intrigued by the great potential that comes with citizenship in America. It is an inspiration to not be afraid of growth, of bettering ourselves, and at the same time recognizing our cause and going for it.

About the Author

While writing The Latin Penny President, author Z’AN Artiest has learned more about diversity, character building, risk/reward, and all the hard work and homework of late-night graduates with lots of note taking, all which helped form the cornerstone of becoming a better person every day than he ever believed he could have. Amidst all of these things is the character of life, and that is something that as an author he would look to acquaint more with the reader, as well as himself.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 160