The Last Nomad

By David Farrell 
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About the Author

Random Dave Trivia

6’2”, 205lbs (212 during the winter feast, 208lbs during beer season)

Blue eyes, grey hair (might be two-dozen still with original black color)

Wife Nicolette of thirty-five years and counting (yes, I married up by a considerable margin)

Three sons, two daughters, 8 grandchildren, and one 188lb St. Bernard named Bear

Dave was born in Orlando, Florida and traveled halfway around the globe by his twelfth birthday. This gave him a great perspective on what people from different cultures, backgrounds and religions all have in common. His unique upbringing developed his great love for the outdoors, music, and humor. He honed these to become an avid camper, lover of heavy metal music, and a self-proclaimed PhD in the use of sarcasm. His unique abilities to connect with most anyone has helped him carve out a career in manufacturing, where over the last forty-two years he has been a servant leader building teams and driving change with several multi-million-dollar corporations spread across our great country. He has developed and taught dozens of classes and seminars on all aspects of leadership and team development. He has been blessed with great travels and experiences and has developed his own unique style of storytelling and communication to share with you opinions on how we can all derive more from the journey and enjoy the differences amongst us, rather than continue down the path of conflict and divide.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 154