The Large-Mouthed Bass And The Way Of Things

By Roy F. Weaver
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The Way of Things is eroding. In the reefs of each prosperous free society in the Ocean World, Hard-Working Fish are being oppressed by a class of characters who are more egomaniacal, entitled, and greedy: the narcissistic Politi-Sharks. Ultimately, constant oppression of the Hard-Working Fish causes society to fall into deep depression, despair, and distress.

Then, an unlikely hero arrives: the Large-Mouthed Bass. An outsider to the typical ruling class, the Large-Mouthed Bass rallies the oppressed Hard-Working Fish and energizes a hopeful challenge against those who would Reign in Dominion.With his leadership, what will become the new Way of Things?

This is an allegorical story which gives insight into American and international government, politics, and class divisions. Through the animal kingdom, this book can help children and adults understand the centuries-old human struggle to be free from oppression, while encouraging the reader to look more critically at the current Way of Things.

About the Author

Roy F. Weaver grew up in the Wisconsin woods down a gravel and dirt road with no cell phone and no computer, just a tractor, an ax, and a shotgun. He is an Eagle Scout, an Air Force Veteran, and a career civil servant. Spending time in other countries, including Iraq in 2005, Weaver got a firsthand view of the human history he studied in a public school.

When Weaver returned from Iraq, his daughter and only child, Hero, was diagnosed with the same brain cancer as a couple well known Politi-Sharks. Unlike them, she stuck up for the bullied, fought the unfair, and lived to rescue the oppressed and forgotten. Hero was and remains Weaver’s standard for how we should all stand up for ourselves in a world that demands we submit to those who believe they have a right to reign in dominion over us. He dedicates this story to her for questioning everything, challenging every assumption, and facing her life and death with the greatest courage Weaver has ever witnessed.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 44