The Land Of Children

By Karen I. Dethloff
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About the Book

Welcome to The Land of Children, where all kinds of flowers and trees adorn the big playground of meadows, where beautiful birds sing their songs, where animals are cuddled and loved, and where the houses are gingerbread and the fences and signposts are candies.

This is the home of Taylor, Peyton, Jacob, Caleb, Rylee, and other children whose wish is to make every child all over the world happy. They are endowed with special gifts to provide each childs every needfrom warmth and safety to courage and dream, from faith and hope to happiness and friendship.

Join the fun and indulge in the fantasy only seen in a childs wishful dreams.

About the Author

Karen I. Dethloff loves spending time with her grandchildren and take part in their activities. She also loves gardening, bird-watching, crafts and her pets. She and her husband, Gene, currently live in The Colony, Texas.

Kimberly Erwin, illustrator, is the daughter of the author. She is a pre-school teacher and a busy wife and mother to three girls.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 30