The Kitten Who Lost His Meow: Starring Charlie And Chloe In Their Adventure

By Veda M. Fowler
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When twins Chloe and Charlie find a stray kitten, they begin on an adventure of a lifetime – but their kitten has no meow. Along the way, Chloe and Charlie must keep a huge secret. Through their new furry friend, the twins learn the power of kindness and the dangers of keeping secrets.

About the Author

Family means everything to Veda M. Fowler. She has always found the time to read to her children and to write short stories with them. Fowler has continued this tradition with her great grands.

Fowler was an interior designer for 28 years before retiring. Her goal is to make children happy with Charlie and Chloe’s stories, and have parents or grandparents read to their kids.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 66