The Kitchen Enabling Tool: A Tutorial

By David Davenport
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What pushed me into the large march to here, was the Closure of my jury of PH. D Presentation Defense. While the signing of papers proceeded: One of the two Deans of the jury said, “Now David, you may get busy and learn something.” Phil was not kidding, and it dawned upon me how right he was. I had one hell of a ways to go!

At the Bloomington Cooking School - Chef Jan Bulla-Baker and I taught the kid’s classes. We developed my extensive library, which was maintained at the school, and the kids loved to browse through the many areas of World Cooking, found in the collection. The adult students did not seem to find the collection as stimulating.

The lessons in this textbook were proofed out with both adult and kids classes, at the school. This, over many years of classes.

I feel Dean Peak would agree to where I have carried his observation.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 346