The King, The Wyvern, And I

By Amy Seeling
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Second place in Romance Fantasy & Women’s Fantasy in the Fall 2023 BookFest awards

The King, the Wyvern, and I is a fast-paced fantasy-adventure that begins with a young woman on her journey to discover her past and prepare for her future destiny. Filled with colorful characters, twisting plot lines, and just enough magic to make things interesting, Amy Seeling gives this book as a gift to anyone who has ever felt neglected or bullied. Follow our young heroine as she leaves her sedentary ways behind and becomes a weapon to take back her home and avenge her family. Traverse the lands of Juna, from the cliffs of Draconia where the wyverns reign to the enchanted city of the Protectors in an epic battle of good versus evil.

“Imaginative storytelling that delivers memorable characters, human and otherwise.” – Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Amy Seeling works in the energy industry as a data architect and business analyst. She spends her evenings teaching martial arts and building a strong, happy community. She has owned and operated North Texas Karate Academy since 2003. The school has promoted at least eighty black belts and has won many state titles. Seeling loves to spend time with her grandchildren and pets.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32