The Keeper Of The Dragons: The Flute Of Enchantment

By Emmy Mackie
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A long time ago, there were twin sisters who lived in Scotland, Hope and Eden. Hope became a keeper of the dragons at the age of six and lived in the Realm of the Dragons since then. Eden later married Prince Ballador of the kingdom of Ruine and became the mother of Prince James, who was supposed to be the next keeper after his Aunt Hope.

Having a unique power with the creatures, Hope nursed the young and the injured dragons. At their death, she comforts them. For her, the dragons had been her family. She was a beautiful lady, who possessed grace, intellect, and gallantrytraits which made men fall easily in love with her. With the war between humans and dragons over the past 1,000 years still looming, Hope had to muster her courage to fulfill her duty as the keeper of the dragons, even if it means losing the lives of many, including her beloved ones. The kingdom of Norr had a new queen, Ariana, and shes out to destroy the kingdom of Ruine and the Realm of the Dragons to avenge her kingdoms loss in the war at the time of King Grant, her predecessor. Ariana coaxed a plan to get the flute of enchantment, a musical instrument whose sound will lull the dragons to sleep, making them easier to kill. Will Hope and her friends and allies foil her schemes and stop Arianas evil ambition? Or should they expect more battles and bloodshed ahead?

About the Author

Emmy Mackie was born in Denver, Colorado but spent most part of her formative years in Michigan. Married with three children, she now lives in Crawfordville, Florida with her family.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 214