The Journeys Of Genesis

By Jonathan E. Agosto
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In this exciting fictional work, author Jonathan E. Agosto takes the reader on an interesting journey to an imaginary world. The Journeys of Genesis follows the inhabitants of this mystical land and their struggle for power.

The work begins with a brief history of Genesis. The planet stood the test of time for over a million years because the only inhabitants were gods and goddesses. Yet when the three Great Lords demanded the gods leave the planet, promising to take care of it for them, the gods of Genesis left. After their departure, the three Great Lords created two sons, Decorus and Dementis.

Unfortunately, the creation of Decorus and Dementis begins the destruction of the planet. Like Cain and Abel, these two brothers become enemies. Dementis, the evil brother, is tired of Decoruss good behavior. To that end, Dementis is cast out of the kingdom; he vows revenge upon Genesis.

The Journeys of Genesis is an intriguing fictional work that uses biblical elements as the basis for the tale. Jonathan Agostos work may appeal to a wide variety of readers, especially aficionados of the fantastic.

About the Author

Jonathan E. Agosto is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Yonkers, New York. As a child, he suffered from a variety of illnesses and read fantasy novels to transport his mind from the hospital rooms. In addition to attending college, he is a youth music ministry leader. He enjoys acting and creating more fantasy novels to appeal to his many fans, whom he admires with all his heart.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 120