The Journey: From Shackles And Chains To The White House

By Donald B. Armstrong
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This book offers a comprehensive and thorough account of the Black experience in America from the early 1600s to the present time.
From the journey endured by kidnapped Africans to what their offspring are still enduring today, this work highlights factual occurrences that are not found in the history books of America’s grade schools. Kids are growing up with no education of their ancestors' plight and some children are raised without knowledge of the actions their ancestors played.
Hopefully, readers will gain knowledge that will change their outlook toward other races. If we are to live together, we honestly have to remember our past.

About the Author

Donald B. Armstrong is a retired military veteran who witnessed several things early in his career which left him with questions about equality. It was then he realized what parents meant when they stated, "Whatever you do, you have to be better". Armstrong is married to Cynthia Gail Armstrong from Macon, Georgia.
Armstrong received an undergraduate degree from North Caroline A&T State University and a graduate degree from the University of Phoenix. He is a sports enthusiast, a fan of the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, University of North Carolina Tar Heels, and North Carolina A&T State University "Aggies". Armstrong enjoys social gatherings with healthy food and stimulating conversations.

"The Journey: From Shackles and Chains to the White House" should be a part of every high school, community, college, and university library American History collections in general, and African American Studies curriculums in particular.” – The Midwest Book Review

Published: 2021
Page Count: 252