The Jobfather Chronicles: Breadcrumbs On The Trail Of Right Livelihood

By John Aigner
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About the Book

About the Author

For more than sixty years as an activist, mentor and livelihood advisor, John Aigner has served the underserved. In the “Jobfather Chronicles” he reviews his life and times with humor, gratitude, and some regret. This memoir combines a historical viewpoint of his times with frequent commentary on our current dilemmas. Over 20 years ago, he adopted the title “Jobfather” to brand his work as an “out of the box” career counselor. As a counselor, advisor, and pundit, he has helped thousands to find their “right livelihood”. He looks forward to his next project, working with ex-offenders in a restorative justice initiative, using emerging online video conferencing capabilities, and developing the resulting interviews and lived experience into a new book on the subject.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 180